Month: May 2016

Features Of A Good Glow In The Dark Dog Collar

Preservation and respect for humanity extends to animal care which ideally should be everyone’s primary responsibility.

It is, therefore, critical to make sure that your dog is visible at night by you or motorists.

Glow in the dark dog collars plays this significant role in ensuring that your dog has 100 percent visibility at dawn or dusk.

To achieve this, this article will focus on the basic salient features of good dog collars and also mention a few best dog collars in the market today.


The first quality of a good glow in the dark dog collar is brightness.

The lights that are on the outside of the collar should be far brighter than the ones in the nylon of the collar.

Go for ‘Pup Protector’ lights which apparently are the brightest of all the dog collars.

The Pup Protector Premium LED Collar can keep your dog visible to the distance of up to 1.7 kilometers away.

This collar has three layers of lighting that can be used even during the day.

This is, therefore, the best dog collars to go for.


The Guardian dog light is the best glow in the night dog collar especially when it is raining at night.

Dogs can still be seen when it is raining heavily at night or when it gets into the swimming pool.

This is because this gadget is waterproof and can glow for over 12 hours in wet conditions and still works.

It is, therefore, good to go for night dog collars with this feature so as to improve the safety of your dog because it can be seen by a cyclist, joggers, and motorists.


A good dog collar should have a well-sealed packed battery for the dog lights.

Lights can be delicate on dog collars.

They can be affected by dog play, pulling, wet hair and extreme weather conditions.

‘Guardian Dog Collar’ light is the finest and most durable design.

These gadgets are available in three colors which are the ideal blend of style and safety.

Is made up of a polyester covering that resists stains and odors, bright colors and the collars have grommets and buckle that cannot harm the dog.

If you are looking for quality, durable and pocket-friendly dog collars, then the Guardian Dog collar is the best brand for you.

If you want to keep your four-legged friends safe and sound, then you need to invest in these glow in the night dog collars.

To light up your dog is the best way to keep it safe from being knocked by a motorist because they will be more visible.

These collars have different colors ranging from; yellow, blue, red, green, white, purple and orange.

Some of these collars have more than one bright color hence making your dog visible and beautiful.

Why Most People Would Be Comfortable With A Home Touch Steamer

Wrinkles make even the best-looking clothes come out as pathetic.

And although ironing is always an option for making clothes look like new, some people don’t like the act of ironing their clothes.

They see it as energy-intensive and time-consuming.

These are the same type of people who will opt to invest in a good home touch steamer to make their work easier.

Either way, there are certain advantages and disadvantages of using an iron box and a home touch steamer.

But first, why opt for a commercial grade steamer?

You’ll want to go for a professional cloth steamer due to the kind of features that come with such a unit.

With advanced in-built features, you go shoulder-to-shoulder with professionals who dry clean for a fee.

But in this case, you’ll be saving money because you own the equipment and you’re doing it on your own.

Again, a home touch steamer will save you the hassle that comes with ironing clothes.

You don’t want to waste time setting up the ironing unit with all the accessories needed to do the job.

At the same time, steaming gets the job done 5 times faster.

You can save time and cut back on gas consumption because you’re making fewer trips to the dry cleaners.

You are even prolonging the lifespan of your clothes since you are not encouraging fading through frequent ironing.

Therefore, we have it that a steamer will most certainly extend the wearable value that your clothing will have.

Is tap water safe to use in a clothing steamer?

Plain tap water is 100% safe to use on the clothes steamer.

However, some areas pump hard water which can ruin the lifespan of the unit.

Such water contain a mineral substance called lime.

When lime particles stick on the components of your home touch steamer, they will ruin it.

What this means is that if you live in an area with mineral-rich water, you should consider using distilled water instead.

Can a clothes steamer handle other substances apart from water?

Unfortunately, this equipment isn’t designed to be used with vinegar, agents, perfumes or other chemicals.

If you happen to use a solution that has any of these chemicals, you will cause your steamer to malfunction.

Secondly, it carries the risk of damaging the fabric that is being steamed.

If you can’t afford distilled water everyday

If you have to use concentrated hard water, make sure you clean the reservoir to free it of sediments after each use.

Getting rid of hard water scale is something you should only do when the unit isn’t plugged from the power outlet.

Mix 4 ounces of vinegar with water and clean the unit.

This is sufficient enough to remove the toughest of water scale.

Make sure you empty the unit completely before letting it dry.

Steaming is the easiest way to get rid of wrinkles on fabric.

No special setup (like putting up an ironing board) is needed.

In case of curtains, you don’t even have to unhook them from their rods when steaming them.

It just saves time and gets convenient for the less patient.