Month: September 2015

Review of HAF-CIN Water Filter for Samsung Refrigerator

HAF-CIN water filters for Samsung refrigerator are certified by NSF International, a non-governmental organization dedicated to public safety, health and environmental protection.

This certification is universally recognized as an assurance of safety.

By using HAF-CIN refrigerator water filter for Samsung appliances, you can enjoy fresh-testing, clean water and ice, as and when you need.

Its slim design facilitates easy installation and removal.

For the best results, you should replace the filter after every 6 months or once it has given 300 gallons of purified water.

As every commercial product comes with some pros and cons, this HAF-CIN water filter too has its own advantages and shortfalls.

Let us take a closer look at what this device brings to the table.


  • It’s lightweight with an impressive designed. Many users say it’s really easy to install and gives clean water and ice.
  • The filter is durable and of high quality.
  • It’s simply great in terms of its filtering capability. A high-grade carbon block is present in this filter that removes more than 99% of the potentially harmful contaminants that could be lurking in your water. At the same time, this HAF-CIN water filter retains the minerals such as fluoride that are beneficial to your health. Thus, it offers great value for money.
  • Finding replacement filters and cartridges too is easy, thus making it a breeze to continue enjoying fresh, purified water and ice. In fact, some users even say that this device provides excellent quality of water every time, which is comparable to bottled water.

When asked about their feedback on HAF-CIN water filters, some users shared the following:

  • This water filter is ideal for our Samsung fridge. After using this filter, water tastes much better than before. We have no problems with it.
  • This filter actually pays for itself.
  • This was, by far, the simplest water filter replacement I have ever made. There was no chaotic cleanup.
  • This water filter solved our ice maker noise issue. Our Samsung refrigerator has been making horrendous noises every time the icemaker was operated. But after I purchased this HAF-CIN water filter, got it installed in just 5 minutes, the irritating noise became history! Now, it’s like a new fridge again.
  • This high-quality filter takes away the chlorine taste of water.
  • It provides crystal clean water. I can now refill my bottles myself and save a lot of money as I no longer need to pay for bottled water.
  • Central Texas water tastes bad and contains a lot of harmful elements. This great product does an excellent job of eliminating many of these while improving the taste a lot.
  • This HAF-CIN water filter is a great product as it fits properly and never leaks. You should not waste time buying other products as they’ll leak and won’t fit properly.
  • Replacing this filter is as easy as replacing a light bulb. If you switch off the in-coming water supply, it takes about two minutes more. If you don’t, it takes time that’s even lesser than what you would need while replacing a light bulb!


The main drawback of this HAF-CIN water filter is its cost. Some users said that paying close to $50 for a hunk of charcoal and plastic is simply nuts. Some users also complain that Samsung hasn’t got an automatic shut off valve on the water supply to the filter.

Overall, this HAF-CIN water filter for Samsung refrigerator performs extremely well and delivers on its promise of providing you with clean, pure water and ice.