Teaching Fido To Walk Nicely With The Right Collar

Pulling on the leash is one of the most annoying traits that a dog can have.

Don’t believe for one second that your dog pulls because he wants to be the leader of the pack or that he thinks he is above you in the pecking order or that he has some control over you (OK, those big brown eyes will melt even the stoniest of hearts, but be strong).

Fido pulls because he is a dog.

He gets SO excited to be outdoors, for him everything is amazing, every smell is wonderful and MUST be sniffed and so you get dragged along behind.

If you have a chihuahua at least he is kind of manageable, but when your fur-baby weighs as much as you do, you will seriously start to hate taking him for a walk.

But don’t despair and certainly don’t think that he is destined for the dog pound, a dog that pulls CAN be trained to walk nicely, you just need some perseverance and determination.

There are so many options out there that can help you:

  • your local puppy school will have walking to heel classes or obedience classes.
  • you can pick up ‘harnesses’ from your local pet store (harnesses have been designed with a metal loop on the chest strap to clip the leash on to so that when Fido pulls, the harness swings his body around towards you preventing him from moving forward).
  • a collar.

I’m not talking about a flat collar with a loop that you attach the dog’s ID disk to, if your dog pulls and this is all he has on you are in real danger of causing serious damage to his windpipe.

I’m talking about a head collar.

It is humane, it doesn’t press on the dog’s windpipe, it doesn’t stop him panting nor should it cause him any discomfort.

Like all new things though you will have to get Fido used to wearing one, but it will make your life much easier (they are especially great for very strong dogs, dogs who have a tendency to lunge and dogs with aggression issues).

Read on to discover the best collars for dogs that pull.

Halti head collar (available online and in all good pet stores)

This collar works by gently steering your dog by his head rather than his body and distracting him from whatever it is he is after.

It has been created to fit all breeds regardless of how long or short their muzzles are and it can even help with lunging and jumping up (the second most annoying dog trait).

They are comfortable yet durable and they ARE NOT a muzzle, so your dog can still fetch the ball, eat a treat or pant.

Control ease dog head collar (available online)

This one is similar to the halti, but it fits like a normal collar whilst gently guiding the head through applying soft pressure to the dog’s muzzle.

Again it is has been created to fit all breeds irrespective of their muzzle size.

Gentle Leader

Finally, this collar has two loops, one that goes around the dog’s neck and can be used as a collar during transition and the other sits on the muzzle just underneath their eyes, you control where your dog goes by where his head goes.