Everything You Need To Know About Smartphone Addiction

We need to accept that smartphones are pretty cool.

In this generation of technology, smartphones have revolutionized everything with the different apps.

There are lots of different activities you could do with your smartphone and am not just talking about games.

Communication is made easier with interactive platforms like WhatsApp and Messenger.

Social media is also quite easy and right at the tip of your fingers.

You definitely use your smartphone more often than any other device that you might have and what makes it even more awesome is the convenience.

With a smartphone, you are able to take it everywhere.

This means that you are always entertained and pretty much caught up when it comes to information and social media.

Smartphones come in different sizes and from different manufacturers giving you a wide selection to choose from.

It all comes down to your personal preference and the amount of money you are willing to spend.

With all this clearly cut out advantages, there are a few disadvantages.

One of the cons of having a smartphone is the possibility of becoming a smartphone addict.

Yes, you may have never taught of this but it is actually a thing that affects many smartphone users.

A smartphone addict becomes dependent on the smartphone and finds him/herself distancing from society.

Real life interactions also become very difficult and making human connections is almost impossible.

However, what exactly is smartphone addiction?

What exactly is smartphone addiction?

It is sometimes referred to as nomophobia and basically means fear of being without a mobile phone.

Often it starts from the overuse of the internet and not limiting the number of hours you spend on your phone.

As mentioned earlier, the smartphone has lots of applications and you can find yourself spending numerous hours using them.

You will end up with various impulse control problems including online compulsions, virtual relationships, information overload and so much more.

Some experts have come to the conclusion that heavy phone use is a symptom of underlying problems like anxiety, stress, loneliness, and depression.

Every addiction has effects, and a smartphone addict is no exception.

Effects of smartphone addiction

1) Sleep deprivation

Sleep is key to your mental health.

A great night’s sleep is essential to your work performance and smartphone addiction will take that away from you.

You will end up spending most of your bedtime going through your phone.

This clearly means you will reduce your hours of sleep which will negatively impact your mental health.

2) Disrupt real-life relationships

When you spend time with your phone, you end up losing touch with human interaction and you find yourself always alone.

You will end up self-absorbed and displaying negative traits like narcissism and self-centeredness.

3) Increased loneliness

Once you become a smartphone addict you seldom find time to interact with your friends on a personal level.

You can no longer hang out and you only have online friends which are not such a great thing.

Smartphones are great but you should try limiting yourself.

Ensure you don’t get sucked into all the amazing games and apps.

There are various different ways of ensuring this and they include; downloading fewer apps, engaging in activities like sports and self-discipline.