What You Need To Know About Teeth Whitening Strips

The use of best whitening strips is a quick and easy way of whitening your teeth without breaking the bank.

The whitening strips are ideal for those looking for dramatic and permanent results that will boost their smile for all occasions.

We all crave to have that million-dollar smile.

The market has numerous whitening products that debut every year.

The million-dollar question remains which are the best whitening strips to use?

Are the whitening strips the best option for everyone?

Before using the whitening strips, it is important to understand the following:

  • Some people can be sensitive to the whitening treatment.
  • The whitening strips claim to offer instant whitening effects after the full treatment. However, the effectiveness is not guaranteed as results vary depending on the tooth discoloration level.
  • The strips cost anywhere from $15-$30 for a seven-day kit
  • The gels used on the strips are considered safe for adults but pregnant women and children should consult a physician first.

Does The Amount Of Peroxide Matter?

Most of them have peroxide which helps remove the tough stains from the teeth.

Most people will compare the amount of peroxide present, assuming that higher levels of peroxide yield better results.

If you have mildly stained teeth, using a product with a strong concentration will cause tooth discomfort and sensitivity.

The bottom line is that different people have different dental needs.

Consult your dentist who will advise based on your dental health hygiene and whitening goals.

How Soon Do You See The Difference?

Most people will see a difference in 2-3 weeks after completing the full treatment.

Choosing The Best Whitening Strips

Consult a pro

A dentist knows the best strips to give you based on your whitening goals and dental history.

Most of the store-based whitening gels have 25-45 percent hydrogen peroxide concentration and it may discolor your teeth depending on how long the gel stays on.

The dentist will know the right whitening gel to prescribe for the best results.

It takes about two to three treatments depending on the level of tooth discoloration.

Takeout treatment

Alternatively, you could ask your dentist for a take-home treatment.

A fitted tray with a whitening guard containing a whitening gel goes into your mouth and comes in several strengths.

You can wear a lighter gel as you sleep or for 30 minutes to an hour for higher concentrations.

Do-it-yourself option

You can find a wallet-friendly whitening option at the drugstore for $30-$65.

However, always consult the dentist first to rule out problems such as gum problems and cavities.

Choose products with fluoride and peroxide as they help maintain the teeth color.

Side effects

One of the side effects of using the whitening strips is tooth sensitivity.

Here are a few remedies that will help:

  • Using sensitivity toothpaste to relieve the pain associated with the tooth sensitivity,
  • Chewing gum helps produce saliva which distracts you from the pain,
  • If the pain persists, give your teeth a break and avoid the whitening products for some time.